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Product Shiny Treasures Booster Box

Pokemon Shiny Treasure Ex Box

$38.99 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price

The Japanese Shiny Treasures EX BoosterBox is a must-have for collectors and players of Pokemon cards. This annual “reprint” set contains mostly reprinted cards from the past year, ensuring that they remain available to Japanese players and collectors. The set includes a handful of new cards and alternate arts, as well as 150 secret rares with alternate artwork and shiny versions. With its shiny treasures and alternate arts, this booster box is sure to delight any Pokemon fan. Don't miss out on this exciting collection of cards


Contents for 1 Sealed Box:

10 Packs

10 Cards per pack


RIP LIVE Option: Contents will be shipped in bubble mailer or box 

Sealed Option : Box(s) will be shipped comfortably in bubble wrap and box


*Disclaimer* Once products are opened from original factory seal, the item(s) will not be eligible for Return or Cancelation

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