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Refund Policy

Our returns will be handled case by case, order by order. In order to be eligible for a return, the item must be undamaged, and factory sealed the way it was sent/received. We will verify this if necessary to ensure a proper return is completed for both parties. We may offer a return up to 10 days after receiving the product. We will not provide refunds on preorder product as they are preordered based on demand. We cannot cancel those individual items as they are a part of our bulk orders from wholesale distributors. 


GT Cards will not refund any packages that were stolen, lost, sold or tampered with after confirmed delivery. As the consumer it is your responsibility to track your package and plan accordingly to receive the products from the delivery service. If a package is missing, please contact the delivery service provider to make a claim. Signatures can always be added to your preferred delivery method per your preference. We may charge a return shipping fee at our discretion. Refunds will be handled professionally, and we ask for no animosity or bashing although you are welcome to leave a review.


While we understand each product may not meet your expectations, it is within our knowledge that the products we provide are authentic and eligible for sale, therefore will not be refunded due to the lack of your expectations being met.


To submit a return you can contact us at:

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