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About Us !

We are an e-commerce website-based store in Ohio here to provide you with your favorite Pokémon TCG products! We are not a brick and mortar; however, we strive to meet your needs and demands for the insane amount of product that Pokémon continues to unleash into the community. We specialize in Japanese products while still providing some alternative English products as well. All of our products are legally imported from Japan and packaged carefully for your collections! The company is run by a couple of Ohioans who grew up wanting a Pokémon world to be real like any other kid. Yes, we grew up, and realized that is not possible, but the hobby stayed alive in us, because now we can buy our own products from various card shops around the world! We can re-live that excitement of opening packs, boxes and tins.


When you buy your Pokémon products from GT Cards of Ohio, your buying more than just the products. We take pride in our packaging for any and every order, no matter the size. We trust in USPS to handle our shipping needs to deliver your products with the utmost care. We hope to help as many of you as possible, because ultimately, we are all trainers in this world, and we need to look out for each other. Please join us in our journey to the elite and enjoy the Pokémon products we are able to provide! 

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